11 Mumbai Police Tweets That Won Our Hearts On Twitter With Their Sass & Puns

The official Twitter account of Mumbai Police is absolutely sassy and classy. Mumbai police know pretty well how to deliver the messages with wit, puns, and sass and we love them for it. The watchful protectors of the city have won our heart several times on twitter with their witty and thought-provoking tweets. Check out some of the funniest, punniest, and wittiest Mumbai Police tweets that will jolt you to the core.



  1. Wear the helmet you silly.



  1. This one is a gem apart. Sorry, Vin Diesel, it’s Mumbai Police!



  1. Luck doesn’t Work Every time. Be smart, wear the seat belt.



  1. Bazinga implied!



  1. Tera Dhyaan Kidhar Hain, traffic signal idhar hain!



  1. N(o) WoRds FOr Th!s 1



  1. Well, not my kind of playlist.


Funny Mumbai Police Tweets
Mumbai Police Trolling


  1. ROFL



  1. Somebody just got big burn. Mumbai police-1, Ajaz Khan – 0



  1. The message is crystal clear!



  1. Pure Gold


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