20 Ridiculously Amazing Ways to Kill Time

There is nothing which kills a modern human being like boredom? Almost all of us often ponder in the meantime about different ways to kill time or productive ways to pass the time quickly at the workplace or at home. One of the finest ways to pass the time is to do those maneuvers which not only render you entertainment but also add something valuable to your existing knowledge and skill base.

In this post, we are going to state the 20 ridiculously amazing ways to kill time that can help freshen your mood and also keeps you utterly engaged.


Lovely ways to kill time
Walk With The Best Friend


Long Walk with The Best Friend


Is there anything more soothing or heartwarming than a long walk along with a happening conversation with your best friend? Walking with your friend and discussing the things which matter most to your heart’s content is unquestionably one of the best ways to kill time.


When you go for a walk with your friend gang, you focus more on quality conversation rather than talking about the nonsensical stuff happening around the world. Also, researches around the world have shown that spending quality time with the best friend or the person you love reduces the chance of depression and heart attack by whopping 30%.



Contemplate on Your Life Decisions


Life is one big journey on an endless highway and the decisions we take in between the life and death decide what we gonna achieve in life. Contemplating your life decisions is one of the wisest ways to kill time. Life becomes much easier when you learn from the past mistakes and set your future goals accordingly.


Also, individuals who think about the decisions they made in the meantime tend to make more biased and rational decisions. In addition to that, people who contemplate deep become more punitive and develop a greater sense of belonging as compared to the people who don’t.


Make money in mean time
Money Making Ways


Learn the art of money making



Okay, this is something which everyone should learn about in the meantime. Learning the art of money-making is one of the productive ways to kill time at work or at home. There are plenty of sources to earn a huge chunk of money but it takes a ridiculous amount of hard work, expertise, and knowledge to create an excellent passive income source.


Just find out what catches your interest and learn about that passive income generating system whenever you get free time. Small daily efforts you put may lead to a big stunning success.



Binge Watch Your favorite T.V series


Is there anything better than binge-watching your favorite T.V series? In the time of Netflix and Amazon Prime, watching your beloved T.V series and Web series have become increasingly simple. Just buy the monthly or yearly subscription of any prominent streaming subscription service and gear yourself for the endless fun and entertainment.


For those who are a novice in binge-watching T.V series, give a kickstart with The massively popular series like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, or Two & a Half Men.


Meditation - Ways to kill time
Transcendental Meditation




Those who always ask how to pass time at home alone? Meditation is the best possible answer. The amazing benefits of meditation are not hidden from anyone. Doing meditation in the meantime for at least 15-20 minutes not only enhances your mindfulness but also supercharge your body.


In addition to that, meditation helps to control anxiety, amplify concentration power, helps in fighting addictions, and develop compassion. In every sense, meditation is one of the best ways to kill time productively.



Answer Questions on Quora


Quora is a mind-blowing platform to share and gain the knowledge. If you have something to share with other users, you can provide relevant answers to the respective questions. And, if you are dubious over anything, just post a query and the members of this huge community will help you out happily.


Undeniably, spending your free time on Quora is a fun thing to do at home when you are getting bored. Not many people know that Quora is a regaling platform to market your business without spending a dime. If you have a business, learn in the meantime how to market it on Quora.


Best ways to kill time
World Travel



None of the maneuvers in the world will render you as much perspective and knowledge about the life as traveling do. By far, traveling is a stupendous and one of the best productive ways to kill time. When you travel extensively, it broadens your horizon, helps to generate creative thoughts and give you real-life education.


Traveling should be done just for the sake of travel now to complete your checklist and clicking new pictures for social media. Try to travel solo as much as you can because sometimes only you can give yourself the best company.



Invent your own time killing game


Inventing your own game is something quirky, out of the box, and one of the classic ways to kill time. There are many programming languages through which you can create perfect time-killing computer and mobile application games. You can make your own version of classic computer games and play them as much as you want to in the meantime.

Also, you can earn big bucks if your game has the potential to engage the people around the world.


Helping Hands
Help the Needy


Help Someone


If you are groping for the ways to pass time without a smartphone or computer game then helping some needy person will fill you with immense delight and is also one of the great ways to kill time. The very essence of the human being life is to uplift the quality of life for himself as well as for the others.


We as a whole race is surviving because of our interdependence to each other. Helping out someone will give you an immense sense of satisfaction and also make the other person day. So, if you are feeling bored, go out and fill the someone’s life with light by helping them.



Writer Letters To Your Dear Ones


Words have the power to move the most stringent of the individual. A hand-written letter full of gratitude, love, and emotions shows to your loved ones that how much you care about them. Surely, it seems bit odd to write letters in the age of smartphone but trusts me, it touches the person in a way that no digital text can.


Whenever you got little free time, sit down and start writing letters to the people who matter most in your life. After all, sharing is caring and there is no joy in the world that could match up the love of dear ones.


Funny ways to kill time
Tic Tac Toe Game



Play Tic Tac Toe


Tic Tac Toe is a fun game that you can play anywhere and anytime as long as your have smartphone or a piece of paper and pencil. It is one of the most engaging fun things to do at home when bored. If you don’t have any partner to play Tic Tac Toe with then you can play it online with the computer.


By many, it is considered one of the best arcade games and perfect ways to kill time. Just download the application and show how well as a strategist you are.



Watch out of the Zoner movies


When it comes to movies, every person has their own taste. Some prefer to watch romantic, others like comedy, and some are more into horror movies. Watching the same zoner movies again and again kinda sound boring. I bet, watching out of the zone movies is one of the ideal ways to kill time and it will never let you down.


After a long hectic day, all you want to do is to chill and what’s better than watching a movie which can give you goosebumps. If you feel clueless while choosing a movie, then go to Netflix and find out the trending ones.


Productive Game
Chess Gamew


Play Chess


If you really think, you are street smart, try your hands in Chess. The chess game is an absolute time killer as well as one of the best games to sharpen your brain. According to research, playing chess augments intelligence quotient, concentration power, improves spatial skills and memory manifold times.


The best part is there are plenty of online platforms where you can play chess with players from different parts of the world and prove your prowess. Unquestionably, Playing chess is one of the finest ways to kill time.



Read Books


There is a saying which goes like that “ eating thrice a day will make you healthy and reading thrice a day will make you wise”. And in the corporate world the saying is “if you want to be a leader, you must have to be a reader”. Books are one of the best companions a person can have and reading books is one of the most productive ways to kill time.


Reading books provide an escape from the harsh reality, help you elevate the mental awareness, and gain the colossal amount of wisdom. You got one life, read as much as you can.



Amazing ways to kill time
Brainstorming Sessions


Brainstorming sessions


The key purpose of Brainstorming sessions is to generate as many ideas as you can within the limited time frame. Also, brainstorming sessions is an apt answer for those who are looking for ways to pass time quickly at work. What good about brainstorming that not only it will perfectly kill your time but also lay you some captivating ideas which can be rewarding in the future.


All you need is a quiet place, pen, and a piece of paper to unleash the innovative ideas and creative solutions of your problems.



Scavenger Hunt


Truth to be told, the very idea of scavenger hunt give goosebumps to the individuals who know about it. One of the ridiculously riveting ways to kill time with your friend gang. Just find someone who organizes scavenger hunt and you are on for an unlimited amount of fun.


A typical scavenger hunt party game comprises a series of the task which you need to accomplish before the rival team to win the game. The various stages of the game test you on both physical and mental level.


Daydreaming in free time
Daydreaming Like A Pro





Want a quick escape from reality for some time? Then indulge yourself in daydreaming and take pleasure of one of the life greatest joys. Many people consider daydreaming as a sheer waste of time but the truth is it the gateway to creativity and even to relax completely, when you have a tough day.


No matter whether you are stuck in an unending queue or alone at home with nothing to do, daydreaming will kill your time perfectly. You can visualize about something you would like to achieve in the future or other series of joyous thoughts.




“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, second best time is now”. Learning how to grow and cultivate the plants like a pro is one of the most regaling ways to kill time. There are multiple benefits of doing gardening. Firstly, you can develop a beautiful garden in the front or back side of your house which you can also use to have the party with friends and family.


There is no rocket science involved behind gardening. There are lots of tutorials available on the internet which can tell you everything you need to know to commence gardening.


Fun way to kill time
Funny Music Game



Karaoke is a form of entertainment is created in Japan in which a novice singer sings along with a recorded music video. You can choose any popular song and sing to your heart’s content with your friends. The lyrics appear on the screen and you can challenge anyone for the karaoke.


Now there are various applications present on the internet which allows you to download Karaoke music for free. Have some fun singing karaoke in the meantime create your own source of entertainment.




HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training is a form of physical training used by athletes across the world to burn the fat expeditiously and develop the lean muscle mass. The best part about HIIT training is it never consumes much of your time and brings you in excellent physical condition if done at regular intervals.


One of the best ways to kill time and along with keeping yourself in top-notch physical condition is to start to do HIIT. If you are not convinced then try and read more of its advantages.


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