Explore The Unexplored – 8 Offbeat Destinations You Must Visit in Himachal Pradesh

The ultimate challenge for any travel junkie is to find the offbeat destinations which they can explore to satiate their wanderlust. There are numerous places in Himachal Pradesh which are untouched and unexplored by avid travelers. It’s high time to break the monotony of the 9-5 cubical life and pack your bags to hit the most offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh.





Situated at an elevation of whopping 3,650m above sea level, Kaza tops our list of Offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh to visit. Kaza is the commercial center of the Spiti valley as well renowned for its myriad of awe-inspiring untouched landscapes. Kaza has two access points, one from the Lahaul valley, 11 km from the world famous Ki monastery and another one from Kinnaur valley.

Kaza is surrounded by mesmerizing snow-capped mountains, meadows, crystal clear rivers, and foremost of all the heart-melting view of Milky Way galaxy at the night time. The vibrant festivals of the Kaza and Sakya Tangyud Monastery are the key attractions. Stay at least two nights here to encounter the ultimate solitude.



Offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh
Kalpa Himachal Pradesh



The moment you enter the village of Kalpa, you will find yourself surrounded by the bustling and gigantic snow mountains and may wonder about your insignificance in front of nature. The breathtaking beauty of the Kaza will surely make you go gaga over this place. Kalpa village falls under the Kinnaur district and is at a distance of 230km from Shimla. This village is well connected with the roads and packed will all the facilities like shops, hospital, restaurants, and guesthouses.


One of the most captivating things about this Offbeat destination in Himachal Pradesh is the view of the most popular Kinner Kailash peak. At this peak, there is a huge rock standing which is in the Shivalinga shape and changes color during the daytime. In addition to that, suicide point, Sapni fort, and Narayan Nagini temple are also a must visit. The climate of Kalpa is quite pleasing, due to its high elevation.



Kheer Ganga


If you are a trekking fanatic then the bone-crunching trek of Kheer Ganga is the perfect weekend escape for you. The Kheer Ganga trek starts from Barshaini village in Parvati valley and is completely full of magnificent views and the forest of Deodar, Oak, and other exotic trees. One should stay here at least 2 days at to savor the beauty of mighty Himalayan and one of the most beautiful Offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh.

The maximum altitude you will face during trek is staggering 13,100m so a considerable level of fitness is essential. The ideal time to hit Kheer Ganga is between June and November as the weather is quite favorable.



Gang Chua


Not many people know that Gang Chua was first conquered by the Indian army in the year 1974. It is one of the most secluded and least visited offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Gang Chua is located at the east of the valley of river Satluj and is at an elevation of jaw-dropping 6288m from sea level. The weather here is quite predictable and the blood-curdling cold can jolt you to the core. Those who have nerves of titan and prior experience in trekking should make the decision to climb Gang Chua peak.





Shoja is one of the top bird watching destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Due to Kasol shooting popularity, this Offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh is often ignored by the travelers. Shoja is a perfect weekend destination. It is covered with lanky snow-covered mountains, few guest houses who provide a heart-warming welcome. Either you can visit Shoja with your own conveyance or take a bus from ISBT to Bhunter.

It is advisable to book the guest house in advance as the place could be completely full during the season time. During the night, outside the guesthouse sipping your favorite rum or whiskey is an absolute delight.





Situated in the Mandi district, Barot is the hidden jewel of Himachal Pradesh and one of the most strenuous Offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh. It is also known as the ‘trekker’s paradise’ as lies at an altitude of 6,000 feet above sea level. The climate of the Barot is moderate and average temperature ranging from 16 to 20C, hence you can visit this place at any time of the year. Although Barot is a very small place, it has a lot of surprises to offer. The star attraction points are Chuhar Valley, Barot Temple, Uhl River, and Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary.




It resembles well with the word ‘khwaab’ which means dream. Indeed, this place is no less than a beautiful dream. Khab is located at the confluence point of the rivers Sutlej and Spiti. At Khab, you can easily see the muddy water of Sutlej mixing with the turquoise blue water of Spiti. The road to Khab is a straight climb of 8 km and is full of a multitude of loops which is the key reason it is under the list of Offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh. The more you climb higher, more magnificent views you will get to see.





Presumably, Sangla valley is one of the most enchanting valleys & Offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Sangla valley covers an area of 40km and is 6-8 hours drive away from Shimla. From here, you will get to see the might Kinner Kailash peak and other snow-capped mountains. Sangla valley offers intriguing camping experience. You can do rock climbing, river crossing,  rappelling, and bone fire in the night time. Sangla has something to offer to everyone. For trekkers, Rakcham trek is the real test to conquer. There are also some camps who offer yoga retreats to fitness enthusiasts. The 800 years old Kamru fort is a must visit.

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