Solo Travel – The Ultimate Guide To Travel Alone Like A Pro

Solo Travel Definitive Guide

Curiosity to explore new kinds of stuff is deep rooted in each and every fabric of human beings. It is our unquenching curiosity which propelled us to the invention of unbelievable technologies, discover intriguing places and many other things.


Solo travel is one such activity which evokes and augment our dormant curiosity like nothing else. Over the years, the trend of traveling solo has seen a huge upsurge, especially among the millennials. The principal reason here is young generation is more into investing in experiences which render them an invaluable experience rather than things like stock, bonds, and funds.


Solo travel itself is an art and it takes a plethora of skills to master it. If you have decided to travel solo and explore the magnificence of the world, it is imperative to take care of certain valuable things to make your travel more meaningful, productive, joyous, and yeah swashbuckling.


This definitive guide to travel solo will add a fuel to your ambitiousness of traveling and tell you how to make out the most of a solo trip.


Why Solo Travel?


Because you have seen Instagram, Facebook pictures of your friends and other solo travelers and now your heart is hankering to hit your solo trip pretty soon?


If this is the scenario then you should take a step back and contemplate about your decision. As the famous Swiss-born philosopher and the author of a widely acknowledged book ‘The Art of Traveling’ said ‘One should travel for the sake of traveling’ not to visit more and more number of new places.


The ultimate goal of solo travel is emancipation from the fear of the unknown and to see the world with new eyes every single time. Traveling alone is all about giving yourself brake from the cubicle lifestyle, hustle of the everyday errands so that you can connect with your true self and focus more on what you actually want to pursue in your life.


Solo travel is one of the forms of self-indulgent. You can go wherever you want, eat whatever you want, and make friends with whoever you want. Sometimes you will get happiness and sometimes all you will receive is sorrow when things might not work out .


The entire topsy-turvy journey alone renders you with so many precious experiences that in future, you will be able to face extremities situations of life without much of a hitch. The best part of solo traveling is you will have myriad of intriguing stories to tell to the people. God knows who may get inspired from you and beings their own journey!



Solo Travel Essential Checklist
Things To Know Before Solo Travel

What Should You Know Before You Solo Travel To Unknown Destination?


We have already talked about how solo traveling helps to break the paradigm and connect you with your true self. But you cannot pack your bags and hop onto some unknown destination of which you barely know about without doing an extensive amount of research and planning. There are various pivotal factors that need to keep in mind to make your solo traveling experience seamless and unforgettable.


1.Plan – Planning is of paramount importance when you travel solo. Firstly, it always keeps you busy and is extremely helpful in time management. Second, it saves you from the dilemma of what to do and what not to do situations. The Internet is a compelling source to gather the relevant information of all types of maneuvers which you will do during the entire trip and make a comprehensive plan.


  1. Inform Family & Friends– Life is unpredictable so does solo travel. It is quite important to inform your near and dear ones about where you are going and where you will stay. In case if any unwanted thing happens, you can inform them to take the required action.


  1. Maintain A Journal– Although interest in writing varies from person to person but maintaining a journal will not only suck out your loneliness and also help you to document your journey without anyone preferences and prejudices. Moreover, if you are not much into writing, read a lot.



Managing Expenses As A Solo Traveler


Managing your money could be a tough nut to crack if you are new into the solo travel thing. Badly managed expenses can put you in a condition of the financial crisis in between your journey. You need to create a clear-cut strategy that helps you to curb down the expenses and streamline the entire travel planning.


Below are some significant tips that will help you to reduce travel expenses effectually and save money like a wizard.


  • Plan in advance
  • Use an application that helps you stick to your fettered budget
  • Book two-way tickets instead of one-way as they cost much less
  • Consider local transportation more
  • Find cheap accommodation. Homestays and hostels are way cheaper than the hotel rooms
  • Plan your meal head. Instead of eating at restaurants, you can rely on food delivery services like Uber eats or Swiggy who provide your favorite meals at an incredibly low price.
  • Stick to your plan. Don’t add extra travel locations in your prepared itinerary or else it will amplify your budget.
  • Share rides with fellow travelers. Most of the prominent destinations have carpool services allowing you to share rides and reduce cost.


Remember, managing your travel expenses is all about spending your money wisely. You have to decide where to cut back and where to utilize money.


How To Make Meaningful Connections While Solo Traveling


As a human being, it’s our innate desire to connect with people of different cultural and geographical regions. In my opinion, solo travel is not just about embracing your solitude and witnessing new landscapes but its also related to making meaningful and strong connections with the strangers.


Friendships you make during the solo travel are very special because from the scratch you have one thing common i.e passion for traveling.


One of the riveting ways to make a connection with any traveler or local person is to ask about their culture, religion, value, and social structure of their region. Try to view their culture through your own eyes and adopt the same approach to meet with the local people.


Second and perhaps the most quintessential of all is to be generous and empathetic with every single person you meet. Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle internally or externally. Few kind and heart melting words from your end can seriously make someone’s day and quite possible you will be able to create long-lasting memories with them.


Last but not least, embrace the cultural differences. When you accept the people as they are, you will find the world around you less menacing. Accept the differences and you might learn astounding things from strangers.


Solo Traveler-Solo Dining
Solo Dining Concept
Master The Art of Dining Alone – Solo Dining


It’s no wonder that the majority of the times you will dine alone during solo travel. Eating in solitude makes a lot of people feel awkward and embarrassed. Earlier, the person who was a solo diner considered as a weirdo by many. But in recent times, more and more people have accepted the concept of solo dining.


As there is no other option left during solo traveling, so why not you nail the art of dining solo and enjoy your own company.


Dining alone saves a plethora of time, money, and energy. You can fully savor the taste of food without engaging in meaningless conversation with anyone. There is no concern of other individuals judging the way you eat and drink. If you are planning to eat at restaurants during traveling, always pick the corner most seats so that you can eat comfortably without the judgment of others.


Another better option is to eat alone in the comfort of your room, sipping your favorite wine along with the mood resonating music. The more you enjoy your own company, more you will understand the luxuriousness of solitude time. The best part is you don’t have to share your favorite food with anyone ;).


How To Keep Your Fitness Up When Solo Travel


Our daily routine gets completely messed up when we are on a tour, whether it is a business trip, vacation, pleasure, or solo traveling. It is essential to keep your fitness up when traveling solo if you want to explore the each and every place with utmost enthusiasm.


The serious problem is for the gym rats who entirely depend on the complex equipment to keep up in good physical condition. As you cannot carry that hefty gym equipment everywhere, the best option is to rely on body weight exercises. The idea behind fitness here is to activate all the major body muscles multitude of times so that you remain fresh and super-energetic throughout the day.


Those who are more conscious about maintaining their muscle mass can perform bodyweight exercises like push ups, pull ups, squats, lunges, crunches etc. There are plenty of variations available for each exercise to target the particular muscles. Moreover, those who don’t want to put much strain on the body can perform yoga and meditation for the physical and mental workout.


The intriguing thing is, you can easily maintain a fitness routine when traveling at the comfort of your room.


For body weight workout, I recommend the following Youtube Channel


For yoga workout, I recommend the following Youtube Channel


Watch out the videos to get a clear understanding of various exercises and easy to follow diet plans.


Stay Strong As Solo Traveler
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How To deal with loneliness, disappointments, and frustration During Solo Travel


Nothing bites like loneliness and disappointments. There comes a time during the trip when you feel the cravings of being with your near and dear ones. Not only beginners, but this gloomy loneliness also haunt even the experienced solo travelers.


So how to deal with all these depressing emotions like loneliness, disappointment, and frustration during solo travel? Luckily, there are various antidotes you can utilize to kick out the feeling of despair in no time.


  • First, sit calmly and listen to the feelings of what your mind and body are saying. Sometimes the cloud of rushing thoughts in mind put you in the state of perplexity and loneliness. If the chatter is going on in your brain then listen to some soothing music and if it is a physical need then you can eat your favorite food, grab a pint of beer, or have a shower.


  • Pick up your cell phone and call immediately to your best buddy. Indulging in chatter with your best friend or family member will dump loneliness for sure.


  • Binge watch your favorite T.V series or movies. Although, it is not the right thing to do when you are one an exhilarating trip but sometimes all you need is the comfort of favorite T.V shows to upsurge the mood.


  • Nothing can beat the traditional book reading way to deal with the loneliness. Reading a good book will completely absorb your mind and fling out loneliness feeling like nothing.



Safety Tips for Traveling Solo


You cannot ignore the safety aspects if you are an avid solo traveler. If you truly want to do well in your solo travel trips, you need to take great care of your safety while traveling. Here, I have whittled down the list of top safety tips to which can help you to make your solo travel experience more seamless, astonishing, and unforgettable.


  • Always keep the medical essentials with you
  • Don’t trust strangers quickly. Spend a considerable amount of time to get conversant with a strange then raise the hand for friendship
  • Don’t consume an excess of alcohol and other recreational stuff
  • Get travel insurance
  • Be prepared for unwanted situations like loss of cash and credit cards. Always keep some secret cash in different pockets of your cloth. Keep the copy of all the essential documents like passport, visa on online storage platforms like cloud, Google drive etc.
  • Research thoroughly about the destination you are going to hit next. The demographics, geographical and political conditions, conveyance modes etc.



Solo Travel Other Useful Resources


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